A persona is a profile of a fictitious user based on behavioural research. Personas are not demographic segments, rather they describe particular groups of users based on similar goals, motivations and behaviour. Personas help ground design decisions in user needs based on the different goals, motivations, and behaviours for each group.


  1.  Conduct qualitative research such as  behavioural interviews, diary studies, or other field research methods to gain a deep understanding of users
  2. Use affinity mapping to group common elements and identify patterns about motivations, aspirations, goals, activities, outcomes, and background for individuals. 
  3. Identify different user profiles based on the behavioural patterns.
  4. Print our the Persona Template
  5. Fill in the details of the persona with behavioural patterns
  6. Add a photo and personal details to bring the persona to life


  • Your team will likely create a set of different personas to express different behavioural profiles.
  • Connect your personas to your research data to avoid the creation of stereotypes.