Feature-Value Matrix

A feature-value matrix is a tool to compare the value of opportunities for different stakeholders. This value can then be compared with effort, complexity and risk of action (or inaction). This tool helps shift the team from generating ideas to narrowing them down to focused opportunities.


  1. Write out the opportunity titles on sticky notes
  2. Place the opportunities on a large 2x2 matrix of high or low value for the citizen/stakeholder and high or low value for government
  3. Identify the opportunities that the group sees as a high value for both
  4. Take the highest value opportunities and create another 2x2 matrix for high or low impact and high or low effort to implement
  5. Identify the opportunities that are high impact and low effort
    • ​​Are there other ideas that may be worth high effort because they will have high impact?
  6. Discuss the risks of both acting and not acting on a specific opportunities
  7. Determine which opportunities you want to move forward into Prototyping and Testing