BC Services Card

Person tapping a BC services card on computer dongle

Service Design Challenge

The BC Services Card is designed to make it easier for B.C. residents to access provincial government services like medical services with just one card and can be combined with a drivers license.

The Ministry of Technology, Innovation and Citizens’ Services (MTICS) wanted to understand the needs and expectations of citizens when using their chip-embedded BC Services Card to access online government services with a USB card reader or Near Field Communication (NFC) – similar to ‘tap’ technology - enabled mobile device.

Service Design Activities

The Strategic Design and Transformation Branch worked with MTICS to research BC Service Card users’ behaviours and responses when using their BC Services Card to access online services that required chip authentication.

The project team conducted in-person interviews and onsite observation of people using BC Services Cards across the province. The team’s research tested how well the online authentication process met citizens’ needs and also gathered information on how users discovered, joined, set-up, used, and reported information using their BC Services Card.

Outcome and Impact 

The project team’s research highlighted opportunities to improve the online authentication interface and content to better responded to user needs.

·       B.C. government building smartphone app to authenticate your identity - Vancouver Sun, July 11, 2016