Corporate Identity Background

The B.C. government website,, has been designed for optimal user experience and plays a significant role in service delivery to the public.

Integral, to the design, is the Province’s visual identity and branding, which represents the individuals working to provide the services, as well as, the value of the services received. Visual identity, applied consistently, enables government to be presented in the same way throughout the province at every public interaction, whether online or in-person.

B.C. Government Corporate Visual Identity and Branding

Including the Province’s visual identity and branding, applied in a consistent way, to all online programs, websites and applications is an important requirement. It helps ensure government is seen as cohesive, professional and organized in our service delivery which is essential in building trust and a positive experience. User experience on one government webpage should be the same on another page regardless of ministry, application or website. A uniform colour palette, logo placement and navigation scheme, as well as use of our standard fonts, will give the user a familiar interaction and a clear sense of connection.

Within the government network, uniquely designed websites or navigation require the user to quickly determine whether they are still connected to government, and to learn a new convention for moving about. These few seconds can be critical to a user experience and patience. Consistency is a hallmark of good web design.

Obsolete and legacy web pages give the user a poor impression. Good content on these pages can be seen as old and they suggest out-of-date or irrelevant information. They can infer a disengaged program and degrade our brand. To remain vital every effort to clean house, update or migrate should be made.