Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned sessions are facilitated by the Citizen Engagement Team following the end of each engagement. It is best to hold the session immediately following the project so it is still fresh in everyone’s minds. The questions are sent to the project team in advance of the session allowing participants time to prepare their responses to share at the session. A draft of the Lessons Learned report will be sent to the team for review after the session has been completed. A final Lessons Learned document will then be posted to the GCPE intranet (internal site for BC Public Service employees).

The Lessons Learned session typically includes the following questions but additional questions may be added depending on the scope and tools used:

Project summary and engagement results:

  • Where there any difficulties in getting executive buy-in to a public engagement project?
  • What influenced your communications and marketing strategy and how did you advise the public of your engagement?
  • What could you have done differently?
  • What were the key risks that you took into account when developing your engagement plan?
  • How did you engage with interested stakeholders?
  • What would have worked better?
  • What surprised you about conducting the engagement?
  • Is there anything that you would do differently, or could do better, when designing or implementing an engagement project?
  • What advice would you offer to other ministries or back to GCPE and the Strategic Initiatives Division Team about how things could have gone smoother?