Exit Strategy

Closing down an engagement may also mean closing down a website and moving and archiving existing content. When information is shared or advice is provided online, government must ensure that all necessary records are being captured, retained, filed and managed appropriately in the office record keeping system. The Citizen Engagement Team will assist and advise you on best ways to do this. You will also be required to help document the Lessons Learned from your project. Citizen engagement is an evolving practice and we want to ensure that we build and improve upon each experience.

One thing to consider is how you will provide feedback to participants in the short, medium and long term:

  • Short term feedback could include auto-generated emails to thank participants for adding an idea and ensuring they receive email notice about new comments on discussions they are participating in.
  • Medium term feedback could include updates on the status of an idea (labeling things ‘in process’ or ‘being considered’) or providing ongoing summaries of what’s been heard to date.
  • Long term feedback is about “closing the loop” and letting participants know how their ideas have been considered in formulating the next steps. The Skills for B.C. project was one where government provided a lot of feedback to participants. This was done through newsletters, auto-generated email updates, phone calls, and a thank you video from the Premier to all contributors. The Premier also met with or called some contributors to follow up on their ideas and let them know about the solutions.