Having a clear, reasonable timeline is one of the keys to a successful public engagement. The Citizen Engagement team asks that you approach us four to six weeks ahead of going live with your project. This allows us time to prepare and plan appropriately. Engagements should be open to the public for no less than one month and no more than eight weeks. You also need to block off two to four weeks after your engagement for analysis and report writing. Timelines need to state when the results of the engagement will be reported back to the public.

Some things to consider:

  1. What is the overall timeframe for the project? When do you need the feedback by?
  2. Are there any key dates or deadlines that need to be considered?
  3. At what stage of your project are you speaking to the public?
  4. Will there be more than one phase of public engagement?
  5. Do you need to travel for the project? Will weather be a factor?
  6. Are you engaging during vacation periods?
  7. Is your audience busy seasonally? When is a good time for them?