Social Media Planning

One thing to discuss during the planning process is how social media will be used during the engagement. It is also important to talk to the minister responsible to determine if they want to be directly involved; often times it will be the minister or your GCPE Shop who will lead the approach and use of social media.

Social media is a great way to help spread the word. There are several government feeds that will help to promote every engagement such as @BCGov News and @govTogetherBC. Your GCPE Shop should always be involved in this process and will help to guide and direct you on which are the best strategies for your project.  Asking your stakeholders to assist you in spreading the word to their communities is also a very valuable tool.

After the decision has been made to use social media, the Social Media Handbook and Guidelines are good resources to read.  Additional material was also developed in 2011/12 that can help with social media planning: Writing Engaging Content, Getting ParticipationBuilding your Community and Measuring Engagement Success. *Please note these links are internal to the BC Public Service Intranet and were intended for employee training purposes.


There are times when advertising on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn are used to help promote participation in consultations. In past engagements where social media ads were used there was a significant increase in the response rate. For example, from the day ads launched during the Distracted Driving engagement there was a 61% increase in the number of respondents overall.

The Citizen Engagement Team will coordinate with your Communications Shop and the GCPE Marketing Team to determine if ads should be used. Social media advertising is often good value because it can reach a large amount of people directly for a low cost in comparison with traditional advertising.