Identifying and Managing Risks

Your ministry’s GCPE Communications Director will help you manage and mitigate risks from public relations issues to timelines. However, before you start, you should consider the following:

  • Who are your most active critics? How do they make complaints currently? What do they say? Are there possibilities for protests or online petitions? 
  • How will the media report on this project? Will they report it? 
  • How will people find out about the engagement? What will you do if no one participates? 
  • What will we do if the comments are very negative? 
  • What will we do if someone takes over the conversation? 
  • Are your formal stakeholders supportive? How do you engage with them currently? Will they have a specific role in the process? Do they need to find out ahead of time? 

Who in your ministry needs to know about the issues? How will we monitor them?