Planning Meetings

Prior to the Planning Meetings it is crucial that you ensure you have informed your Communications Shop (GCPE Shop) so that they are aware of your intent to engage the public, and that you have reviewed the Citizen Engagement Handbook so that you are familiar with the process.

After which, you should contact to set up the planning meetings. In these meetings, the Citizen Engagement Team will walk through Appendix A which is used to determine:

  • Purpose: What do you want to achieve through this engagement?
  • Scope: What level of impact will the outcome have? Is it regional? Provincial? Etc.
  • Audience: Who are your target audience, and how do they connect with you?
  • Tools: What sort of tools do you think will be useful to engage your audience? ex.: email, open discussions, surveys, polls, face to face?

Key Conditions for a Successful Citizen Engagement can be found in Appendix B.

In addition to the Citizen Engagement Team, your ministry’s GCPE Shop must be made aware of these planning meetings and invited to participate. Ministry Communications Shops are integral to planning communications activities and managing risks.

At the conclusion of the final planning meeting, a budget and partnership agreement will be discussed for moving forward. The Citizen Engagement Team will also draft an Engagement Plan to move decisions forward.

Due to the public nature of citizen engagement, check-ins will be required with Ministry Executive, Communications Shops, GCPE Executive and/or Ministers at several points throughout the process.