Partnership Agreement

The Citizen Engagement Team will draft a Partnership Agreement which outlines costs and accountability for the engagement based on the scope, approach, timelines and budget agreed upon in the planning phase meetings. 

The Partnership Agreement describes the joint commitment of GCPE, Strategic Initiatives Division and the ministry to deliver the project.  It outlines the project scope, deliverables, roles and responsibilities, timelines, and costs. The Partnership Agreement is then signed off by the Ministry Executive and the Executive Director for Citizen Engagement. Signing of the Partnership Agreement indicates initiation of the project and that both parties agree to fulfill the responsibilities outlined within the document.

Below is a sample of the content of a Partnership Agreement:

o    What is the Partnership Agreement?
o    Project Background
o    Purpose of the Engagement

o    Work Stream Details
o    GCPE Team Responsibilities
o    Ministry Responsibilities
o    Assumptions & Dependencies

Schedule & Budget: 
o    Partnership Agreement Approvals of Approach and Costs
o    Ministry Financial Coding for Billing Purposes

GCPE’s Project Management Office and Financial Services Branch will coordinate the quarterly billing with ministries, and a journal voucher will be sent to the partner ministry requesting payment.