Outreach Planning

Thorough stakeholder identification, analysis and outreach will ensure that your engagement reaches and resonates with those that are most interested in your topic. It is essential to remember that your stakeholders are both citizens and organizations, and that they are not mutually exclusive. There are several stakeholder analysis exercises that could be helpful that the Citizen Engagement Team can help you to facilitate.

Stakeholder identification and understanding motivations

An important first step for the ministry program area to take is to carefully identify and plan stakeholder relations so that they capture different stakeholders’ interests and what motivations they have for engaging with your ministry. Simply offering an opportunity to help government improve is not necessarily motivation enough, generally, people will choose to engage when the issues align with their own personal interests, such as:

  1. They have a stake in the issue;
  2. They have skills and experience to lend to the issue; and/or
  3. They want to be part of something meaningful that is bigger than themselves.

When designing meaningful engagement and creating outreach messages, consider ways to address these motivations to help inspire greater participation; start by identifying who your audience is, then understand what motivates them to engage, and finally develop strategies to maintain momentum throughout your engagement from planning to completion. Some things you will want to consider are:

  1. Is this project controversial?
  2. Are your stakeholders excited and ready to begin?

A stakeholder analysis and outreach planning session is part of every engagement planning process and will be facilitated by the Citizen Engagement Team.