Managing Privacy

Citizen engagement is about collecting opinions, emails and sometimes demographics, which may be considered personal information, for that reason, the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act plays a significant role. With any government engagement initiative, including face-to-face events, you must assess privacy impacts and mitigate any privacy concerns. 

Depending on the tools you wish to use, a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) may be required.  A PIA is a process used to evaluate and manage privacy impacts and to ensure compliance with privacy protections rules and responsibilities. For government, completing a PIA is a legislative requirement.

A number of corporate PIAs have been approved for different engagement tools. One of the roles of the Citizen Engagement Team is to help steer ministries through the PIA process. If there is not a corporate PIA, some additional work will be required. The Citizen Engagement Team will help you to navigate this process. Helpful links, a description of the process and privacy templates are available on the GCPE Intranet (internal link only).