Getting started

Ahead of the planning meetings, you must inform your Communications Shop (GCPE Shop) of your intent to engage the public. GCPE Shops are integral to planning communications activities and managing risks.

You should then contact  to initiate a first planning meeting, to discuss:

  • Commitment: What commitment has been made to engage? What is the vision of your minister and/or executive.
  • Promise: What is your promise to the public of what you will do with the information you gather?
  • Scope: What is in and out of scope? Is it a regional or provincial project?
  • Timelines: What are some key dates we need to consider?
  • Audience: Who is your target audience? How will you know if you have reached them?
  • Outcome: What will be done with the feedback? What will change as a result of your project? What kind of impacts might it have for individuals?

Following the planning meeting an engagement plan, tool options and a budget will be drafted.