Setting up an engagement website

Determining your URL

Each public engagement has a unique URL. The URL aligns your project with technical data, branding and social media. It cannot contain acronyms. When naming your project, think how a person might search for your project and what key words they may use.

To secure your URL, a Web Property Application Form needs to be completed and approved. The Citizen Engagement team will navigate the approval with the GCPE Joint Delivery Working Group. Once approved, we will build a test site.

The structure of the URL is always:


The GCPE Graphics team handles all graphic material for the B.C. government. Using corporate guidelines, they design and produce all types of media. Before you use any graphics on your project, they must first design or approve the material. As with all aspects of your project, final approval on the chosen graphics must come from your GCPE Communications Shop. To meet accessibility guidelines, all graphics used must include alt text.

The Citizen Engagement team will collaborate with the Graphics team on your project. Your project may need:

  • A website banner
  • Project timelines
  • Advertising material such as posters or business cards
  • Infographics

Website navigation

Through user testing, we have established best practices for website navigation. This includes the top navigation menu, sub-menus and content flow. All B.C. government public engagement projects follow the same standard navigation for a consistent experience.

Writing web content

Writing web content is the responsibility of the ministry and the Communication Shop. The Citizen Engagement team will provide you with a template to help you structure the content.

It needs to be clear to the public what is happening to their comments and when and how they will find out about results.

According to Statistics Canada, 45 percent of British Columbians read at a Literacy Level 2 or below.  This means they have difficulty doing things like reading a newspaper or using instruction manuals. As such, it is very important that you write in plain language. Not sure how? Try checking your content using the Hemingway Editor, you should be aiming for a reading level between Grade six to eight. 

The B.C. government has guidelines for developing, writing and formatting web content:

Once drafted, your GCPE Communications Shop must approve the content for the engagement website.