Why Engage?

What are the stages of Citizen Engagement?

There are 4 stages to public engagement:

  1. Pre-Engagement (Planning)
  2. Active Engagement
  3. Close Out
  4. Archive

To get started contact the Citizen Engagement team at:  CitizenEngagement@gov.bc.ca

Why engage?

  • Citizens should have a say in decisions that affect them. Individuals are more likely to support outcomes when they have had a say in shaping them. Good public engagement gives people a sense of ownership over issues.
  • We don’t have all the answers. Addressing issues requires input from a lot of people to find positive long-term solutions.
  • Listening to citizens helps us better understand peoples' interests and opinions. Knowing what’s important to them helps us be more responsive and transparent.

Why do public engagement well?

Bad citizen engagement can create frustration in communities and negative public opinion about programs and policies. People want good services and decisions from their government, and they also want to be heard. By meeting those demands we can show:

  • An openness to listening
  • Support for change
  • Informed decision-making

How do we engage?

By providing options of ways to take part, we can be more inclusive of diverse perspectives. Some of the tools that we use to gather feedback are:

  • Face-to-face meetings, such as community meetings, workshops, open houses and townhalls
  • Feedback forms or surveys
  • Online discussion forums
  • Comments on draft documents
  • Emails or letters
  • Telephone calls or surveys
  • Telephone townhalls
  • Citizen panels/assemblies