Moderating Comments

Many engagements feature the use of an online, open moderated discussion forum, similar to a blog. In this format every comment is first reviewed before being posted publicly to the site. When a user comments on the blog their comment is held privately pending review by a B.C. government moderator, and once reviewed and approved is then posted publicly.

The Citizen Engagement Team will determine the best approach to staff the moderation team for your project. The moderators’ main responsibilities are to review the public comments against the Corporate Moderation Policy. If the comment is deemed appropriate the moderator then approves it at which point it becomes visible to the public. Those comments that do not meet the Corporate Moderation Policy are not posted publicly, in cases where contributors comments are relevant but deemed inappropriate, the contributor may be contacted and asked to resubmit (for example if they have used inappropriate language). The provincial government never edits public comments.

The Moderation Team resources will be determined prior to the start of the project and a moderator shift schedule will be created. The Moderation Team is often made up of both ministry staff and members of the Citizen Engagement Team. While comments aren’t moderated 24/7, there are often weekend and evening shifts if an engagement is particularly busy.

The Terms of Use and Moderation Policy for engagement sites have been approved corporately, and are posted on each relevant engagement site to ensure that citizens understand the expectations surrounding polite discourse. These documents may not be edited or altered, as they are legal and corporately approved.  From time to time, these documents are reviewed and updated to ensure that they remain relevant.