Mobilizing Stakeholders

One of the most challenging parts of any engagement, large or small, is getting the word out. When an engagement is first launched we tweet, produce news releases and sometimes host events, and while announcing the launch is important, it is also just as important to remember that there needs to be a concerted and sustained push to get the word out to all interested citizens in all regions of the province throughout the entire engagement. Spreading the word to and mobilizing key stakeholders is a great way to further your reach, which is why planning your stakeholder approach in advance is critical.

Now that your engagement is active, it is a good time to review your approach to stakeholder engagement, and to make whatever changes are necessary. Are you getting the response you anticipated? Are your stakeholders actively participating and/or promoting your engagement? If not you may need to change your approach or use new tools.

The Citizen Engagement Team can help you to brainstorm and find new ways of mobilizing your stakeholder groups. Sometimes that means sending letters or emails reminding them about your engagement, and asking for their help to promote it or asking them for formal submissions, such as this letter from MLA John Yap to stakeholders during the Liquor Policy Review.