Events, News Releases, Information Bulletins, Newsroom

There will typically be considerable promotional and communications planning related to the launch of an engagement. Your GCPE Communications Shop will be responsible for building a communication plan that will identify any events, news releases and media that is related to the project.  For example, the day that the B.C. Cannabis Regulation engagement was launched there were the following communication activities:

  • A B.C. Government News Release was issued;
  • An engagement site and survey went live at the same time as a Minister's video announcing the engagement on the Province’s YouTube channel; and
  • There was media by the ministry throughout the day.

The communications plan is a comprehensive plan which includes media activities, paid advertising, public outreach through social media, and sometimes informing stakeholder groups that have an interest in the project. It is important to ensure that all communications on the engagement are coordinated between the teams.


Government Websites and govTogetherBC

The biggest struggle in any engagement is making people aware of it. Take a few minutes to think about which government websites your audience visits and how you may connect those audiences with your engagement.  Can you get stakeholders to point to the engagement from their website? In high profile engagements we may also put information on the  or BCGovNews websites.

All B.C. government engagements are listed on govTogetherBC, which is a hub that allows citizens to find out about past and present public engagement opportunities, and to search through them using keywords, topics or regions. Outcomes and reports of past initiatives are posted here on an ongoing basis.



For large province-wide engagements, the Citizen Engagement Team will ensure that the search engine within can easily direct the public to the engagement by building a collection of key words and phrases that citizens will likely be using to search for the engagement.