Depending on the tool(s) you use to engage citizens there are a number of ways to track their progress. The Citizen Engagement Team will prepare weekly trending reports for those involved. If applicable, reports include:

  • Number of visitors to the site;
  • Number of comments received;
  • Number of ratings;
  • Average time on spent on the site;
  • Top referring sites;
  • Number of face-to-face meetings held;
  • Number of participants at those meetings;
  • Number of formal stakeholder submissions received;
  • Number of emails received;
  • Number of document downloads;
  • Top pages visited within the site;
  • Relevant tweets;
  • A media scan;
  • Public Sentiment:  How does the public feel about a particular issue? Is it positive or negative? What percentage feels which way? Or a sample of comments; and
  • How many ideas have been submitted?

The majority of these data points will be collected directly by the Citizen Engagement Team; however, some metrics may be tracked by your ministry. It is expected that subject matter experts within your ministry will work with the Citizen Engagement Team to determine what data will need to be reported out on and what information executive will expect to see. 

If an engagement website is developed, a public engagement counter will be created for the home page (examples can be found down the right side of this page). How much information is displayed within these counters varies by engagement.  

The most important information gathered during an engagement is the feedback received, whether you are collecting quantitative (numeric) information, such as multiple choice or Likert style survey questions, or qualitative (text-based), the Citizen Engagement Team can assist in the analysis of this data. To resource the ongoing and closing analysis effectively, it is important to discuss and clearly define the type and depth of analysis that is expected, during the planning stage of the engagement. This includes identifying the audiences (e.g., public, executive, policy areas) for different types of reports.

The Citizen Engagement Team has a number of processes for helping to classify, organize and theme citizen feedback and can assist in coordinating graphic resources if reports need to be made print ready.