Innovation in the BC Public Service

Last updated: September 2, 2021

The Innovation Hub supports a more innovative workplace culture across the BC Public Service by building a movement where employees are inspired and empowered to reimagine how they work, now and into the future. Innovation means different things to different people, especially within a broad and diverse organization like the BC Public Service. The Hub is here to help connect the dots.

What is the Hub?

(PNG, 700KB)The Innovation Hub is a nine-person team of change makers with expertise in research, design, systems thinking, foresight, capacity building, and communications within the Policy, Innovation and Engagement division of the BC Public Service Agency. The Hub was established in the 2016 corporate plan, Where Ideas Work (PDF, 14.3MB).

Why is innovation important?

The world is changing at a rapid pace and the BC Public Service, along with other jurisdictions around the world, is facing more complex problems than ever before. When we embrace innovation as part of our workplace culture, we create flexible systems that adjust in response to the rapidly shifting needs of the citizens of British Columbia. An innovative workplace culture provides the foundation for the public service to simplify, modernize, and streamline the citizen experience.

When did it all begin?

Innovation is not new to the BC Public Service. Innovation has been a corporate priority for many years and in the 2016 Corporate Plan (PDF, 14.3MB), it was one of three major themes with the intent to embed the spirit and practice of innovation more consistently into the workplace culture of the BC Public Service. Themes of innovation continue to be embedded in the pillars of the 2020 Corporate Plan for a trusted, talented, and modern public service.

How do you create an innovation movement?

The Innovation Hub supports a more innovative workplace culture by building capacity, creating community, and sharing stories of innovation along the way. By offering learning opportunities and introducing employees to new and different ways of working, the Hub invests in the people who are at the heart of the BC Public Service. And when employees bravely bring their innovations forward, we share their stories, celebrate their successes, and share their learnings with a broad community of change makers.