Service Writing Guide

Follow these guidelines to structure digital services.

Who should use this guide?

Anyone who writes digital services content should read this guide.

Digital services includes web pages, forms, applications, and service journey builder pages.

Why writing for services?

A structured layout improves digital services, making them

  • more likely to appear as featured snippets
  • easier to create, find, access and understand
  • more successful with lower call-in rates

Service snippets

Services need to be optimized to display as featured snippets.

Featured snippets are service summaries that appear at the top of search results pages.

They make it easier to find, understand and access digital services by displaying the steps people need to take to access a service.

This improves search engine results and makes services easier to find and use.

Writing featured snippets

To structure digital services for featured snippets

  1. Use short service headings and titles
    • Renew your Drivers License online
  2. Describe the service in one or two sentences
    • It only take a few minutes to renew your drivers license online
  3. Introduce each step with an action phrase
    • Follow these steps to renew your drivers license
  4. Used a numbered list to show each step of the renewal process
    1. Gather necessary documents
    2. Complete the application form
    3. Attach a recent photo
    4. Submit your renewal
  5. Include a relevant graphic into the main content area of the page

Format and edit

Digital services need to be edited for plain language and consistent web style.

Follow the Writing for the Web guides to create high quality services content