Using video

Information about embedding video files in CMS Lite and the B.C. government communications support YouTube channel.


Your Government Communications and Public Engagement (GCPE) Coms shop must be informed of any communications, and it's essential to work with them before posting video content. The information below is provided as a starting point once approval to post videos has been given.

YouTube Channels

Videos should be reviewed by your GCPE Coms shop before being posted to YouTube to determine whether the communications support channel or the BC Gov News event channel should be used. 

YouTube channels are for video only, not audio.

Posting on YouTube

  1. Determine where the video belongs
    Not all videos belong on YouTube, and your GCPE Communications Office might not be able to process requests right away.
  2. Use MP4 or MOV file types
    For YouTube, MP4 or MOV are the preferred file types.
  3. Write clear titles and descriptions
    Videos on YouTube need clear titles and descriptions, and file names should also correspond (see below).
  4. Submit videos using file sharing service Hightail
    Your GCPE Coms shop will help you complete this step.
  5. Embed the code
    Once your video has been reviewed and approved, your GCPE Coms shop will send a link that can be embedded in your content. 

Videos on the B.C. government YouTube communications support channel aren't searchable, but embed codes and links are. Videos on the B.C. government YouTube event channel are public and searchable.

Titles and descriptions


Keep titles short (5-6 words) and write headlines and descriptions in plain language. 

  • Victory Hill Residential Program


Write descriptive information about each video, including the audience and the contents. Spell out acronyms and provide relevant links.

  • The Victory Hill Residential Program provides a safe, comfortable and nurturing residential environment for students aged 5 to 19 who must live away from home in order to attend the British Columbia Provincial School for the Deaf. Students return to their family and home community on weekends and holidays. For more information, please visit:

Additional guidelines

For YouTube videos, the URL should be in one of the following formats:

CMS Lite

For B.C. government videos (webcasts), submit a Service Request or an email to the COS Service Desk to obtain a valid URL format for CMS Lite.

  • Use videos with a frame size or quality that CMS Lite can handle
  • Keep video length short to reduce file size
  • To be accessible, videos must include captions and descriptions
  • Review and verify all captions before publishing

See the CMS Lite manual for more information about embedding videos.