Graphics in CMS Lite

Guidelines for inserting graphics into CMS Lite pages. 


Graphics can be inserted in several locations in CMS Lite pages, but using graphics is optional. 

  • See appropriate use for information about using graphics in web content
  • Refer to the CMS Lite manual for information about inserting graphics in CMS Lite

Right-column boxes

Right-column boxes are page elements that can display in the right column of CMS Lite pages.

Right-column box graphics should be 700 x 250 pixels, left aligned, and have a maximum file size of 250KB. 

Page body

Graphics can be inserted into the main body of any CMS Lite page. 

Page graphics should be 1120px wide, left aligned, and have a maximum file size of 250KB.


CMS Lite does not automatically create thumbnails, or smaller version of larger graphics.

To link a thumbnail to a larger graphic:

  1. Upload the larger graphic as an asset in CMS Lite
  2. Create a thumbnail image using a graphics program
  3. Insert the thumbnail into the page
  4. Link the thumbnail to the larger graphic

File types

Graphics Interchange Format (GIF)

Use GIF for graphics or logos with solid colour areas or background transparencies, but not for photographs. 

Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPG)

Use JPG for digital photographs or images that don't have transparency. 

Portable Network Graphics (PNG)

Use PNG for digital images that have a transparent area, for example a logo or photo with a transparent or gradient background.

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)

Use SVG for images that may change over time, or need to scale without losing quality, such as logos and graphs. 

See the CMS Lite Manual - Images for more information about inserting image files.