Plain language exercise nine takeaways

There are many possible answers to these exercises - here are some sample revisions:

  1. Naloxone can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose.
  2. Today in a speech to the Union of BC Municipalities, the premier announced a new program.
  3. B.C.’s elected leaders and public servants serve the citizens of B.C.
  4. Hydrocarbons cause one type of air pollution.
  5. British Columbia’s fifth-consecutive balanced budget delivers the dividends of a strong and diversified economy and prudent fiscal management.
  6. The court decided that the contract was unconstitutional.
  7. Indigenous people invented the kayak for transportation and fishing.
  8. The same registered professional designed the original trusses and the repair.
  9. The tax applies even if a non-resident purchased the insurance on your behalf.
  10. Staff working on elder abuse prevention wrote today’s blog.

Note that there are cases when the passive voice is appropriate, but the active voice tends to be stronger and more direct and therefore contributes to clearer, simpler writing.

Now put your active voice conversion skills to the test by editing your response to Exercise Five. Change the general description of artichoke preparing and eating into a set of instructions.

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