Exercise nine: changing verbs from passive to active

Sentences written in the passive voice tend to be longer and it is less clear who is performing the action. 


Passive: The pole was struck by lightning.

Active: Lightning struck the pole.

Try converting the following sentences from passive to active voice:

  1. The effects of an opioid overdose can be reversed by Naloxone.
  2. Today in a speech to the Union of BC Municipalities, a new program was announced by the premier.
  3. The citizens of B.C. are served by B.C.’s elected leaders and public servants.
  4. One type of air pollution is caused by hydrocarbons.​
  5. The dividends of a strong and diversified economy and prudent fiscal management are delivered by British Columbia’s fifth-consecutive balanced budget.
  6. It was decided by the court that the contract was unconstitutional.
  7. The kayak was invented by Indigenous people for transportation and fishing.
  8. The original trusses and the repair were designed by the same registered professional.
  9. The tax applies even if the insurance was purchased by a non-resident on your behalf.
  10. Today’s blog was written by staff working on elder abuse prevention.

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