Exercise twelve: evaluate a page using a plain language checklist

This exercise is the same as Exercise 11 except that you have the opportunity to select the text you want to edit. 

  1. Choose a webpage to review. Ideally, you would select either a page you have written or a page that you have the power to edit, but any page will do.
  2. Copy the content of the page into Microsoft Word.
  3. Use the spell checker to obtain a Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level for the page. Aim for grade 6-8 or below, depending on your audience.
  4. Use what you have learned in this course and the Plain Language Checklist (PDF, 42.5KB) to edit the page. Simplify, clarify, and improve the content.
  5. Use Hemingway App to review the page content for additional tips. Remember to use the desktop version if you are dealing with sensitive information!

When you're done, continue to Exercise Twelve Takeaways