Exercise ten: sentence simplification

Use clues such as prepositions to find places where the following sentences can be reworded and shortened:

  1. She is going to order supplies for the party.
  2. She organized a meeting during which she consulted with the director.
  3. The training gives you the opportunity to increase your skills and abilities in using CMS Lite.
  4. I am interested in the topic about which you wrote.
  5. There is no current estimate of the number of boxes of records in the possession of the school.
  6. A knowledge of correct web style is the duty of all of the writers of the content of this website.
  7. The politician responded to the allegations with vehemence.
  8. She was disturbed by the violent images in the movie.
  9. Their attempt to achieve a reduction in paperwork was unsuccessful.
  10. The best outcome for this scenario would be a change in policy.
  11. It is imperative that you do not leave the waffle iron belonging to Tom unattended as it has a broken fuse and it could catch fire.

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