More Plain Language Reading and Resources


The following articles discuss some of the research-based evidence supporting the benefits of plain language.


The following videos help to explain the importance of plain language.

Video Summary: TEDx talk by Deborah Bosley, who believes that people have a right to understand information that affects their lives

Duration: 19 minutes

Demand to Understand: How Plain Language Makes Life Simpler

Video Summary: TEDx talk by Sandra Fisher-Martins about the importance of Plain Language

Duration: 15 minutes

Notes: This video is in Portuguese with English subtitles

The Right to Understand

Video Summary: Vancouver Design & Content Conference talk by Sara Wachter-Boettcher. Discusses the concept of "stress cases" and highlights the importance of considering our whole audience when creating content.

Duration: 45 minutes

Notes: Full transcript available

Warning: This presentation mentions sexual assault.

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Related Government Programs

Plain Language supports the following B.C. government goals and values: