Inventory & Audit

Inventories and audits help you develop, target, and manage content.

Information should appear once, in the best place for it. When information appears in more than one place, you may confuse your audience and increase the risk of error and contradiction.

Content Inventory

A content inventory finds, identifies and documents every page and file in your website.

An inventory shows what you have and may reveal what’s missing. Content inventories capture specific details, such as

  • Page title
  • Current URL
  • Page type (HTML, PDF)
  • Content owner
  • Content audience
  • Content owner comments

Content Audit

Audit content for usefulness, value, relevance and effectiveness:

  • Amount - is there the right amount of content for the topic? Is the topic easy to understand?
  • Audience - should it be rewritten to include more audiences? Is it meeting the audience’s needs?
  • Date - is any of the content outdated or is it relevant and useful?
  • Priority - what is the most important information to maintain?