Effective interviewing helps you produce great content.

Writers & SMEs

Writers interview and write. Subject matter experts (SMEs) inform, respond and review.

What makes sense to the expert may not be clear to a general audience. Writers help experts clearly express concepts.

  • An expert in procurement might not be the best person to write about procurement. But a writer who interviews a procurement expert, and who writes professionally, can be

Make sure you’ve considered your audience.

Interview Questions

When interviewing a SME, ask

  • Who is the audience? Who owns, approves and maintains the content?
  • What problem does this content solve? What service is it about?
  • Where is the audience? Where can the services be found? Where should it be published?
  • When should this content appear? When will it be reviewed or removed? When should someone act? (See content lifecycle)
  • Why does this content need to exist?
  • How does this help British Columbians?