Content Metrics

Content metrics help improve content quality and readability.

What are Content Metrics?

Content metrics are measurements and statistics about in-page content.

They rate content readability to help you

  • Improve reading level
  • Remove adverbs
  • Simplify sentences
  • Reduce complex words
  • Reduce passive voice

When to use Content Metrics

Use content metrics

  • at the start of a project to create a baseline
  • during a project to test edits and new content
  • at the end of a project to show improvements

Measuring Content

Several tools can scan content and generate metrics.

Two of the most effective are the Hemingway App and Readable.

Both tools analyze content and let you see readability improvements as you edit.

Before and After

You can create screenshots to compare before and after readability improvements.

This makes editing decisions easier and helps ensure consistent quality.

Writing for the Web

Writing for the Web is the strategy for content.