Content Design Principles

Content design is an approach to digital content that focuses on helping people find and use the information and services they need.

These principles ensure digital content is well laid out, well written and easy to understand.

Content design principles

Understand your audience

Learn what your audience needs, why they read your content and how they can be better served.

Re-purpose, reformat, remove

Make existing content work better. Split it into smaller chunks, change the format or type, or remove it if it doesn't serve a purpose.

Write well

Only well written content is quality content. Read and follow the web style guide and plain language guide to ensure a high quality experience.

Make it easy

Make content easy to scan and read on any device. Use headings, short paragraphs, simple words, lists and white space.

Edit and maintain

If you write and publish it, edit and maintain it. Edit often, update as needed and remove when obsolete.

Test and measure

Never assume content works. Test it with the audience to ensure it does, and measure quality on every page.

Never finish

Content is never finished, it's only at different life cycle stages. Always assume content can be improved, and test that assumption regularly.

Writing for the Web

Writing for the Web is the strategy for content.