Enhanced Search Manual Recommended Links

A Recommended Link associates a specific query term with a particular result, enabling you to direct users to a result that is especially relevant to the user's search term but might not appear at the top of the results page.

This feature is especially useful for directing users to web pages that have very few links to them, causing them to appear further down in the results list.

Recommended Links

Specifying Recommended Links

To create a Recommended Link , you must specify the word, phrase, or exact match criteria for which a specific result will be returned. The rules for creating a Recommended Link are described in the following table. 

Recommended Link Type Criteria (none are case-sensitive) If search query is "Lieutenant Governor"
KeywordMatch A word that must appear anywhere in query. KeywordMatches = "Lieutenant" and "Governor"
PhraseMatch A phrase that appears anywhere in query. For the phrase to match, all of the words must be present, the order of the words must be the same with no intervening words, and any hyphens in the query must be matched. PhraseMatch = "Lieutenant Governor," " Lieutenant Governor of B.C.,"
ExactMatch Phrase must exactly match the query. ExactMatch = "Lieutenant Governor"

Adding a New Recommended Link

To add a new Recommended Link:

  1. Click the Add New Recommended Links button.
  2. A new row of editable fields displays on the page.
  3. Add your new Recommended Link, one per line.
  4. To add more rows, click the plus icon. plus icon
  5. Click Save Settings button.

Editing a Recommended Link

To edit an existing Recommended Link:

  1. Click in the field you want to edit.
  2. Edit the text.
  3. Click Save Settings button.

Deleting a existing Recommended Link

To delete Recommended Link:

  1. Click the delete icon to the left of the row you want to delete.delete icon
  2. Click Save Settings button.

Recommended Links