Bootstrap Template for

A guide to B.C. government online corporate branding and layout styles.

B.C. government templates provide developers with the framework to commence newly approved JWG web sites and applications.

Layouts have been developed using Bootstrap 3 and are hosted on GitHub as a collaborative location to contribute and use templates as needed.

Templates on offer are:

  • single column layout, provides a larger body content area to work with, offers breadcrumbs and single level navigation ribbon
  • two column layout, offers breadcrumbs and single level navigation ribbon along with right hand column boxes
  • three column layout, offers breadcrumbs and two level navigation ribbons along with left hand navigation and right hand column boxes


  • ensure you read the Read Me information on GitHub
  • all associated files are to be downloaded to local servers
  • for further CSS and layout options reference Components in
  • developers are encouraged to log change requests through GitHub, however, due to limited resources only periodic updates will be administered

Access Templates

Examples of B.C. Government web presence layouts