Developers Guide

Rendering instructions and guidance for B.C. government corporate online style implementation.

The B.C. government is committed to providing consistency and predictability of its information and service delivery through the web. Corporate online branding governance provides strategic guidance, direction and accountability which are critical aspects of creating a unified citizen-centered web presence.

Terms of Use

Only B.C. government web properties that have prior approval, from the Joint Working Group (JWG), to replicate the B.C. government corporate online style may use this service. Any unauthorized use of this service will be found in infringement of copyright laws according to the Copyright Act.

Developers are to make themselves acquainted and informed with these requirements.

Any site developed on behalf of the B.C. government must:

  • have been approved by the Joint Working Group through the governance and approvals process
  • be developed according to the requirements in this guide; and:
  • adhere to the visual and writing styles from the web standards and guides; Writing for the Web; Plain Language Guide, Content Development Guide and the Visual Design Guide
  • not duplicate information hosted elsewhere
  • ensure all information relates and pertains to site intention
  • host “static” content within CMS Lite ( where possible

Web Property Approvals

The B.C. Government's Core Policy and Procedure Manual states that all government online  development must follow GCPE's standards in execution unless an exemption has been approved by GCPE. Questions regarding B.C. government web property applications can be directed to the Joint Working Group Coordinator.

Apply for a Web Property Exemption

Collecting Personal Data

When managing personal data collection and developing business processes, your project must be in compliance with: