Asset Filters

Asset filters allow you to specify what you would like to display in the status grid. The Modified By field of an asset will reflect the IDIR account name of the person that initiated the upload or overwrite of an asset.  Clear the Modified By field in the filters if you wish to display all assets in your security group.

Select any combination of the filters outlined below, and click the [Filter] button or the Enter key on your keyboard to apply the filters.  The status grid will refresh with the results of the filtered asset within your security group. 

If desired, click the [Reset] button to remove all filters and restore the default settings; otherwise, applied filters and pagination settings will be retained during the active session.

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Asset Filters

Asset File Name/Folder Name:  You may filter on any portion of the asset title or folder name.  The field is not case sensitive and does not require any wildcard characters

  •   By default the Search by  File Name/Title is selected.  To return all assets within a folder, deselect  the default and select Search by Folder Name.  Alternately, select both to return broader results

Published:  Filters asset based on the specific state

  • Published – the asset has been published to the Production web server; however, the asset could subsequently be in a modified state if it has been changed (i.e. file name change, overwritten, metadata/tags added) since it was last published
  • Unpublished - the asset has been published to the Production web server but has been subsequently removed (deleted) from the Production web server.  The asset remains on the QA web server and within the CMS Lite and may be re-published to the Production web server
  • Not Published – the asset has never been published to the Production web server.  All assets are automatically saved to the QA web server and reside there until deleted.

Modified:  Filter assets based on whether it is Modified or Not Modified

  • Modified – current asset update has not been published to the Production web server
  • Not Modified – the most current asset resides on the Production web server

Modified By: You may filter by another IDIR account, within your security group, or remove the filter to display all asset within your group

Modified Date: Click in the applicable field to display the calendar to choose a start date and/or end date filter. Select the date and then click anywhere outside the calendar to apply the selection