CMS Lite Release Notes

The following section describes what's new in the latest CMS Lite product release and, where applicable, links to additional information and functionality.

Visit the Enhanced Search page for release notes regarding enhancements and fixes.

Product: CMS Lite

Releases From Previous Years:

Product: CMS Lite

Release Number: 2.7.8

Release Date:  Feb 13, 2018

What's New?

  • The Status and Modified columns on the Content/Asset Status Pane have been combined, along with the filter options for the Content Filters and the Asset Filters.  The new statuses are:
    • NEW: A new page, or newly uploaded asset
    • UNMODIFIED PUBLISHED: A page, or asset, that has been published (and not modified)
    • MODIFIED PUBLISHED: A previously published page that has been edited, or previously published asset that has been overwritten
    • UNMODIFIED UNPUBLISHED: A page, or asset, that has been unpublished (and not modified)
    • MODIFIED UNPUBLISHED: A page that has been unpublished and subsequently edited, or an asset that has been unpublished and overwritten
  • Table Properties plugin has been modified to ensure all new tables include a Header and Caption to meet accessibility standards
    • Please review existing tables and update accordingly
  • Allow Vocabulary Terms to have foreign language chars and other special symbols
  • Other back-end changes have been implemented to improve the application

Product: CMS Lite

Release Number: 2.7.7

Release Date:  Jan 30, 2018

What's New?

  • Backend technology that supports and run CMS Lite have been upgraded
  • Fixed a bug which prevented users from using the Results per Page drop-down on the Asset Status Grid on the CMS Lite homepage
  • Increased the carousel link title (max. chars) to 80 characters in the Theme template and Topic Template
  • Improved the way we are updating the page usage and asset usage information
  • Fixed an issue around concurrent publishing of content
  • Other back-end changes have been implemented to improve the application