CMS Lite Release Notes

The following section describes what's new in the latest CMS Lite product release and, where applicable, links to additional information and functionality.

Current Release:

Previous Releases (by year):

Product: CMS Lite

Release Number:

Release Date: Oct 1, 2019

What's New?

  • You now have read-only access to your CMS Lite profile — details about your account (e.g.: history, user group membership, account modification date, account created date, etc). Click on your account name shown in the top right corner to view your profile
  • All filters used on the CMS Lite homepage will be remembered when you edit content, and subsequently go back to the homepage (using the Home link, or back button) during your session
  • Updated the Flickr feature in the CKEditor. Please refer to the Flickr Instructions tab for details. Note: you do not need to modify your existing Flickr embeds
  • Replicants (the grouping and layout of content blocks within CMS Lite) has been enhanced for a better user experience
  • For SYSADMINs: error handling has been added for user name changes. See CLD-2889
  • For authors who create Service pages: please read this notice about how you can now specify the length to process services
  • A bug which prevented the creation of a page under the root folder has been fixed
  • Other front and back-end changes have been implemented to improve the application
  • Please note: the site-wide alert for Intranet sites has been pulled from this release