Publish Content & Assets Later

One of the great features of the CMS Lite allows content editors to create pages in advance and then published to the Production web server at a specified time and date to coincide with a news release or a program announcement.  There's no need to log in at all hours! 

  1. If necessary, navigate to the applicable pane listed below. Select the nodes or assets for publishing and choose one of the following actions:
  2. Select the Publish Later radio button
    The calendar will be displayed with the current date and time
    Publish Later box with calendar
    • If applicable, click a new date in the calendar
    • Use the Up and Down arrows, and the [AM/PM] to specify a new time 
    • Click outside the calendar (but within the Publish box) to close  
      The calendar will be closed and the new date and time will be displayed in the field below Publish Later
  3. Click the [Confirm] button to complete the action
    The Publish box will be closed and a message will be displayed in the top-right corner of the screen "The Publish Job has been created and contains xx item(s)"