Publishing Content & Assets in the CMS Lite

When the 'Publish' action is selected from any of the CMS Lite screens, a workflow job will be invoked to publish the selected file(s) to the Production web server.  However, if validation errors occur a message will be displayed in the top-right corner of the current pane and the job will not be processed. 

When publishing you have the option to Publish Now or Schedule a job for a future date and/or time.  When viewing page content on the Quality Assurance (QA) web server, all pages will appear in the left-hand navigation (unless Hide from Navigation has been selected), and all associated assets will render.   However, only published pages will appear in the left-hand navigation on the Production web server and assets will not automatically be published with the page.  When publishing page(s) that contain assets, it is recommend that the assets be published to the Production web server first.  Failure to publish associated assets will result in broken links and missing images.

Assets may be published via the Assets Menu screen and should be published before the pages if using this method. Alternately, you may attach assets to a workflow set for Future Publish to ensure all content is published at the same time.  

The left-hand navigation may also be published, from the Content Pane Navigation drop-down menu,  to the Production web server, without publishing any pages.  This allows for the same IA (information architecture) to be reflected on both the QA web server and the Production web server without publishing pages that may currently be in development or modified status.

Once content has been published to the Production web server, it may be Unpublished (removed from the Production web server).  When you unpublish a page, it remains accessible in the CMS Lite application and viewable on the QA web server.  However, when you delete the node the page is permanently removed from the CMS Lite database; and therefore, is no longer accessible.

It is important to remember when unpublishing pages, to check the page hierarchy in the Navigation Tree in the Content Menu.  If you unpublish a page that has child nodes, they will no longer appear in the left-hand navigation.  You may need to move child nodes to make them accessible.