Right Column Tab

Right column components (RCC) may be used to direct citizens to additional information, such as links to other pages within your site or external websites.  They may also be used to promote useful information or provide pertinent contact information.   

There are three main types of right-column boxes that may be used in any combination of the components may be used, up to a maximum of four.  When any right-column box is added to a page the Content Well will be compressed in width.  The fourth option, Twitter Feed, requires consultation before it may be implemented.  

The Contact Information component should always be used to provide citizens' with a consistent presentation format and should appear as the last right column box on a page.  

To add any of the component types, select the Right Column tab, and click on the [Add New Right-column Boxes] action button and choose one of the following from the drop-down list.

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Right-column tab

Similar to reordering links in a Related Links component, you can re-order the right-column boxes by clicking on the Item Control Bar and dragging it to the new position.  

reordering right-column boxes

To delete a right-hand component click on the X in the Item Control Bar.  Click [Confirm] to complete the action.

delete confirmation box

If you leave the page without saving your changes, the component will be re-inserted.