Contact Information

The Contact Information component formats the display of content to ensure a consistent look and feel for the citizens.  The Contact Information should always be displayed as the last right-column box on a page.

  1. Select the Right Column tab
  2. Click the [Add New Right-column Boxes] action button and choose Contact Information from the drop-down list
    Drop-down list for the Add New Right-column action button

    The Contact Information component will be displayed. Click image to view in full screen

Useful Contacts component

  1. Complete any of the following optional fields:
  • Intro: Maximum 200 characters
  • Email Address:  Add a valid email address.  The full email address will appear at the bottom of the box
  • Street Address:  If the Street and Mailing Address are the same, it will only be displayed once
  • Mailing Address:  As above
  • Telephone 1:  Government standard for phone numbers is as follows: 250 123-4567 or 1 800 123-4567
    • If Telephone1 and Telephone2 numbers are provided, specify in brackets what the difference is.  Examples:
      • 250 555-5555 (Victoria),  604 123-4567 (Vancouver)
      • 604 123-4567 (Vancouver), 1 800 123-4567 (Outside Lower Mainland)
      • 604 123-4567, 1 800 123-4567 (Toll Free)
  • Telephone 2:  As above
  • Fax Number: Enter the fax number using the same format as the telephone number(s)