CMS Lite Frequently Asked Questions

What do we need to do to have our content added to Gov 2.0?

If your ministry program does not currently have any content in the Gov 2.0 infrastructure, please contact your GCPE Communications Director to initiate the process.

How do I get access to CMS Lite?

If you will be creating/editing content in CMS Lite and do not currently have a license, a Service Request or an email should be submitted to the GCPE GDX Service Desk. The request should be separate from any other requests and include the following:

  • IDIR username and email  
  • Topic page(s) you will need access to, or an existing security group name
  • account coding for the $5/month charge
    • Ministry Client Number:
    • Responsibility Centre:
    • Service Line:
    • STOB:
    • Project Number:
    • Expense Authority Name


  • If you have not received training, see How do I request training in CMS Lite?
  • If you have successfully accessed CMS Lite application in the past, but are receiving an 'Error Initiating User Session' message, try closing your browser and reopening CMS Lite as it may be a temporary database connection issue.  Contact the GDX Service Desk if the problem persists

I don’t see my topic(s) in CMS Lite.

If you have a license to CMS Lite, but the topic(s) you need to access do not appear in the Content Menu, please contact the GDX Service Desk so that they may determine if your IDIR has been applied to the appropriate security groups(s).

How do I request training in CMS Lite?

Please see the Training Schedule to view available CMS Lite training course descriptions and how to submit a training request.


  • Basic and Advanced training courses are offered – Basic is a prerequisite to Advanced
  • Cost: $125/person - covers preparation and hands-on training. There is no group pricing
  • Training is offered both in person and in remote sessions via Lync
  • Training is required even for those with experience building websites as topics specific to CMS Lite, accessibility, and government website standards are covered during training
  • Self-paced learning is not currently available, but short videos describe the most common functionality
  • A license is not required before training but will be required to access CMS Lite after training is complete.  Please review How do I get access to CMS Lite?

I need a new topic added, or a topic name changed.

A maximum of eight Topics per Sub-theme may be configured for the current Gov 2.0 infrastructure and are typically defined during the consultation process with our Information Architect within COS. All net-new Level 3 topics (do not exist on the Production web server) must first be approved by the IA Working Group before the node can be added by a COS Site Administrator (via a Service Request).  Provide details of which Sub-Theme the topic is to be added to and if it should appear in any specific order. 

IMPORTANT:  Prior to making a name change to an existing Level 3 topic, you are required to submit a Service Request for a name change approval by the Information Architecture (IA) Working Group.   Once approval has been received, you can modify the Title and Nav Title and republish the new top level page to the Production web server.

My manager needs to view the work I have created in CMS Lite.

Only people with a CMS Lite license can access content in the application; however, anyone with an IDIR account should be able to see content on the Quality Assurance (QA) web server.  Send them the link that begins with  After being prompted for their IDIR credentials they page will be displayed.  If they are unable to view the page, please contact the GDX Service Desk.

My published content does not show up on the Production website?

If the content does not appear, check the status of the job in the Workflow Status Pane.  If the status indicates Failed_Publish, select the [Retry] action button to initiate the workflow again.  If the publish job continues to fails, submit a Service Request to determine the root problem.

I published a new page, but it does not appear in the left-hand navigation.

Check to see if the selected checkbox Hide from navigation? box is selected in the Content Settings tab. Also, see the previous question.

I am trying to work in CMS Lite and the message “!Sorry, an error has occurred”. 

Typically when this error message is displayed, CMS Lite has temporarily lost connection with the database that stores all the content information.  Try refreshing the screen (F5).  If that does not work, select the Logout link and log back in to CMS Lite.  If the error continues, please contact the GDX Service Desk.

Why is a page I created not listed in the Content Status grid?

It is possible that someone has modified your page since you created it.  Try removing your name from the Modified By field and selecting [Filter].  Use the Page Title field to narrow your search.

When I preview my page, there is extra spacing that does appear in the WYSIWYG editor. 

Sometimes extra [P] tags are added to your content when you copy and paste from Word that are not visible in the editor.  Click on the Show Blocks Show Block elements icon on the WYSIWYG toolbar and review the content for empty [P] blocks.  Click in the empty block and hit Delete or Backspace to remove extra spacing.

 show block elements paragraph tag

Why do my bullets not look right in Preview mode?

Bullet presentation, along with font styles, are part of the styles set in the presentation layer used to render content in a web browser.  When copying or creating bullet lists in the text editor, they will appear differently than in a browser.  Changing bullet styles in the text editor will not impact how they are rendered.  

Why is CMS Lite not available? 

The application could be down for maintenance.  Typically this will occur during a Tuesday night change window (4:00 PM - 5:00 PM).  On occasion the system may need to be restarted in the middle of the work day. In both instances, CMS Lite users will be notified in advance via the Alert Message in the Banner.

How do we go about developing a Faceted Search?

Faceted Search works in conjunction with Tag collections. Corporate Online Services (COS) will provide consultation and advisory services to business areas before and during the implementation of local faceted term vocabulary projects. Your web administrator will need to submit a Service Request to GDX Service Desk to initiate the process.

My updated content is not showing in the Production environment

Did you view the Workflow Status Pane to confirm that the job completed successfully?  If the Status indicates COMPLETE, try refreshing the browser window by selecting Crtl + F5 to clear the cache.  If the Status indicates FAILED_PUBLISH, then select the [Retry] action to redeploy the workflow.  

How to I get changes made to my ministry page in the government web site?

Communication Directors within Government Communications and Public Engagement (GCPE HQ) must approve any changes to ministry landing pages and content that is linked to from the Right Column boxes.  

To request a change to one of these areas via the GDX Service Desk, please include an approval email from your Ministry’s Communications shop

How do I set my browser to recognize English - Canada?

In Chrome, select Settings>Show advanced settings.  Select the [Language and input settings...] button. From the Language pop-up window, click [Add] and scroll to English (Canada).  Click [OK] to add the selected language.  If necessary, check 'Use this language for spell checking' and click [Done].

In Firefox, select Options>Content.  Click the [Choose] button next to Languages.  Click 'Select a language to add...' and scroll to English/United Kingdom and click [Add].  If more than one language is listed, choose the Move Up button to set the order of preference, or remove unwanted languages.

Tip:  in either browser, you may hold down the Ctrl key and right-click on a word that has been identified as an error.  You can choose the recommended option or Add to Dictionary.