Create an Asset Folder

  1. Navigate to the applicable location in the Asset Navigation Pane where you want the new child folder
  2. Check the box next to the Asset Folder selected checkbox, or click on the asset folder title to select it  
  3. Click the drop-down Action menu and select New Folder
    New Folder selection on Asset action menu
    The Asset Navigation Pane will be re-displayed with the New Folder displayed alphabetically in the navigation pane, and the Assets Folder Pane will default to the Settings Tab

    Click image to view in full screen
    new asset folder displayed in the Asset Folder Pane
  4. Click in the Folder Name field and enter a valid folder name.  
  5. Click the [Save Folder Name] action button to apply the new name
    The Save changes dialogue box will be displayed
    Save confirmation box
  6. Click [Confirm] to complete the action. All changes to the folder will be tracked in the folder History tab
    The Assets Folder Pane will be re-displayed with the new folder name and the folder will be displayed alphabetically in the navigation pane
    redisplayed asset folder
  7. Repeat steps 2 - 6 to create additional folders