Viewing Analytics Dashboards

Dashboards combine visual and tabular presentation of data.

CMS Lite has five dashboards available:

  • The Page dashboard
  • Two theme dashboards
  • Two site-wide dashboards
    Analytics dashboards (click to enlarge)

To switch between the dashboards, click on any of the labelled tabs.

Note: Any filter changes you make will not carry over when you switch between dashboards.

Standalone sites have two dashboards:

Page Dashboard

In CMS Lite, the first dashboard you'll see on the Analytics tab is the one for the page you've selected. It shows certain Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) based on default filter settings. Refer to the Glossary of Terms and Definitions for detailed dashboard descriptions.

Page Analytics Dashboard


This dashboard has fewer filtering options than the others. Only filters that provide value at the page level are available.

Theme Dashboards

Dashboards for theme content and traffic are also available in CMS Lite. The label on each tab specifies the theme. The information provided in these dashboards will be the same for all the pages under that theme. Refer to the glossary for detailed dashboard descriptions.

Traffic dashboard

This dashboard summarizes data sent and received by visitors to the theme's pages. You can identify how many people visit and when, as well as what browsers and platforms they're using.

Traffic Analytics Dashboard

Content dashboard

This dashboard provides information about the pages contained in the theme. You can identify which pages visitors view most, where they came from, and what they download.Theme Content Dashboard (click to enlarge)

Province of British Columbia Dashboards

These dashboards provide traffic and content information at the government site level. The information provided in these dashboards will be the same for all the pages on the site. Refer to the glossary for detailed dashboard descriptions.