NRS Status Reports

Status reports are a communication tool between the Project Manager and Project Sponsor, Steering Committee, Information Management Branch (IMB) Managers as well as within the Project Team.

They document the status of the project at a point in time, within a regular interval, e.g. bi-weekly or monthly. The status is evaluated based on scope, quality, time, budget, and FTE (Full Time Employee) resources. Notes are added to clarify the status, describe issues and remediation steps, and comment on milestones, deliverables and dependencies.

Standards and Guidelines

The standard status report template is available for reporting on all projects.

The Project Manager, Project Sponsor, Business Portfolio Managers (BPM) and Director determine the frequency of status reporting within the project.


Deliverable Requisite

Status reports are mandatory for all Information Management Branch (IMB) internal projects and recommended for all other project levels and categories.


There is no sample currently available.