Project Repository

The Project Repository is the permanent location of the final deliverables from the project following the Administrative Records Classification System (ARCS) and Operational Records Classification System (ORCS).

The Project Repository will be used to store and share all Project Documentation and all deliverables completed by the Project Team or in relation to the project. All Project Documentation should be officially filed and stored in the project repository.

During the course of the project, a SharePoint site might be used as the Project Repository. SharePoint is an optional tool to use for communication, drafting and sharing purposes (to be deleted once project has been completed) but the common share file & print drive used by the Information Management Branch should be the primary source of all final copies of project information. All files should be moved to the project repository at regular intervals and at the project close-out.



Deliverable Requisite

A Project Repository is mandatory for all project complexity levels.


There is no sample currently available.