Before You Begin an NRS Systems Development Project

Vendors should have an understanding of the natural resource sector (NRS) system development life cycle (SDLC) when responding to procurement opportunities. The processes are outlined on this site. 

Prior to a project beginning, there are certain activities that need to be completed. These activities will vary depending on project type, complexity, and size. Projects must be approved in order to receive resources to proceed.

The Business Solutions Options document is to provide decision makers with an analysis of the viable options for managing a specific business problem or opportunity, and to recommend a preferred option.

It can be used to initiate a course of action such as to develop a detailed business case for the recommended option and/or to strike a new project.

Standards / Guidelines

The standard is to use the template provided below.


Deliverable Requisite

The Deliverable is optional for all project complexities unless there are similar existing software applications available in the sector, government or as a Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) Solution.


There is no sample currently available

The Project Assessment Guide is a standard set of questions used to assist the Business Portfolio Manager in determining what the business problem is that needs to be considered for system solution.

The purpose of a project assessment is to identify, with the business area, initial project business planning information such as the business need, the participants, project timing. This information is captured in the project assessment document.


A project assessment document must be produced using the template below.


Deliverable Requisite

An assessment is mandatory for each project complexity level.