Voice Mail Records (schedule 112914)

Voice mail records are digitized records received, created, and maintained by users or administrators of voice messaging services systems used within agencies covered by the Document Disposal Act (RSBC 1996, c.99).

There are two categories of voice mail record:

1. voice mail messages, which are digitized audio records received by voice messaging services users; or

2. voice mail management records (referred to as "overhead records" by administrators of the government-wide voice mail system) which are digitized audio or non-audio records such as user passwords, distribution lists, personal greetings and user names relating to voice mail boxes associated with individual telephone numbers.

NOTE: this schedule does NOT cover records relating to the development, acquisition, use, maintenance, repair, investigation, description or disposition of voice messaging systems. Such records are NOT transitory, and disposition will be approved separately in accord with the Document Disposal Act.

NOTE: If a voice mail records is required for ongoing legal, fiscal, audit, administrative or operational purposes, transcribe it to a storage medium suitable for retention. Such records should be classified, retained and disposed of in accordance with the Administrative Records Classification System or the appropriate Operational Records Classification System.

a) Voice Mail Message Records

(digitized audio voice mail records retained on voice mail boxes associated with individual user telephone numbers)

Records Lifecycle

Phase A SA FD
Retention SO nil DE

SO = when a transitory voice mail record is no longer required or when the message is transcribed to a storage medium.

DE = These messages remain in individual voice mail boxes until deleted by the user when no longer required or automatically deleted by the voice messaging system upon the expiry of a predetermined message retention period.

b) Voice Mail Management Records

(digitized audio or non-audio records such as passwords, personal greetings, voice mail distribution lists and user identifications)

Records Lifecycle

Phase A SA FD
Retention SO nil DE

SO = when management record is no longer required

DE = data will remain on system drive until deleted by system administrator on receipt of user request.

Approval Date:  1996-08-13