Information Schedule Acronyms & Codes

Last updated on October 10, 2023

Codes and acronyms are used in ARCS, ORCS and Special Schedules to classify records and identify how long to keep them.

Information Schedules

ARCS: Administrative Records Classification System

ORCS: Operational Records Classification Systems

Office Information

OPR: Office of primary responsibility

Records Life Cycle

A: Active

SA: Semi-active

FD: Final disposition

Active & Semi-active Periods

CY: Calendar year

FY: Fiscal year

NA: Not applicable

nil: No retention period

SO: Superseded or obsolete

w: week

m: month

y: year

Final Dispositions

DE: Destruction

FR: Full retention

SR: Selective retention

OD: Other disposition

Special Flags

FOI: Freedom of Information/Privacy

PIB: Personal information bank

VR: Vital records


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