Information Schedule Acronyms & Codes

Codes and acronyms are used in ARCS, ORCS and Special Schedules to classify records and identify how long to keep them.

Information Schedules

ARCS: Administrative Records Classification System

ORCS: Operational Records Classification Systems

Office Information

OPR: Office of primary responsibility

Records Life Cycle

A: Active

SA: Semi-active

FD: Final disposition

Active & Semi-active Periods

CY: Calendar year

FY: Fiscal year

NA: Not applicable

nil: No retention period

SO: Superseded or obsolete

w: week

m: month

y: year

Final Dispositions

DE: Destruction

FR: Full retention

SR: Selective retention

OD: Other disposition

Special Flags

FOI: Freedom of Information/Privacy

PIB: Personal information bank

VR: Vital records